Watkins College of Art

A Room of Their Own

April 12, 2017

Watkins’s new silo studios are poised to become the most creative spaces in Nashville.

Although much has been made lately of colleges and universities tearing down their “silos”–spaces that keep disciplines from talking to one another–an important virtue of the silo can be overlooked. Spaces that allow artists and thinkers to go inward and immerse without distraction are often the incubators for society’s most creative and groundbreaking ideas.

A room of their own–near their own–is the point behind the 5,000 square feet that will welcome seniors as part of their capstone experience at Watkins. Not only are the silos spacious and airy, allowing natural light and ample display space, but they also offer easy interaction with peers from other disciplines and media.

Watkins College of Art

“This year we launched a new initiative in the teaching of the foundational skills for first-year students, which required a reconfiguration of our interior space to create modern, technologically forward, open-space workshops,” says Watkins President J. Kline. “Those spaces bring together students at the beginning of their educations at Watkins to cultivate collaboration and cross-disciplinary thinking. We think the silos complete that circle by providing the creative removal artists need when they’re focused on doing their most meaningful, culminating work, while at the same time keeping them in proximity to peers they’ve worked with during their years here.”

Watkins College Of Art

The silo studios, which have garnered a lot of attention from the Nashville media, represent another phase in Watkins’s evolution as one of the finest contemporary and accredited arts conservatories in the nation. Learn more about its recent rebranding here.