Senior Show – Fine Art @ Brownlee O. Currey, Jr. Gallery and Silo Studios
Apr 13 – Apr 29 all-day

Come view five emerging voices in the visual art world with this senior show:

Jazmin Lara

This work investigates childhood recollections through the use of photographs. Textiles will build the foundation of the works to create quilts of layers, allowing for a choice of discovery and mystery throughout the pieces. Delicate needlework guides through pools of confusion and solution in the investigation of comprehending the effects of pseudo-memory by using disturbances to fabricate truer versions of original reminiscences.


Kayla Miller

The exhibition is an exploration of the body of words built within the layers of a system, the act of the bodies that constructs the system, and the condition of the absurd crashing into the systems levels of power. Planning and chance within this relationship have no fixed identity; all that remains are obscured objects that assimilate around the concept of power in language, formed by the unexpected and the absurd and introduced through maintenance of labor as a performance.

Performance at 6:30 PM on Thursday, April 13th in the Currey Gallery


Micah Mathewson

In Case You Forgot is an exhibition of new work by Nashville-based artist Micah Mathewson. These works are presented as three monuments, each carrying the responsibility of a monument – to remind and protect the specifics of an ideal or happening in time. Using the vernacular of a southern type 1 diabetic, Mathewson presents discussions surrounding themes of mortality and loss in the everyday.

Carly Piccione

January through April is an exhibition consisting of paintings and sculpture created between January and April of 2017. The body of work is an exploration of color, pattern, and imagery extracted from bits and pieces of an encountered environment. Through the use of easily accessible materials, the pieces are then reconfigured in a way that changes the context of their original setting, like joining together two pieces of a separate puzzle.


Hayley Vanhoy

This work investigates performative play as an offering of physical language where the process becomes the strategy of making and meaning is inferred by the doing.

Performance at 6:00 PM on Thursday, April 13th in the Currey Gallery

Senior Show – Photography
Apr 13 – Apr 30 all-day

Photographers Annalyse Moncrief and Joshua Ungurait present their capstone work in two shows, the opening reception of which takes place on Thursday, April 13th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.

Annalyse Moncrief

Divination by Water

Divination by Water is an exploration into overwhelming experiences. It is designed to immerse the viewer in situations, from the deeply personal to the monumental, through the intimate narrative of the book. Viewers are encouraged to explore what it means to become lost in the enormity of an experience by interacting with the books in the show, creating through them small encounters with the immense.

Joshua Ungurait

Sit. Stand. Kneel.

The flag is the most prominent and ubiquitous symbol of the United States, yet its context and relationship to the viewer is in constant flux. As America grows and changes, so does the flag. Through an extensive body of documentary photographs, Ungurait asks the question, To whom does the flag belong, to the nation or to the people?




Flux – Graphic Design Senior Show @ ST8MNT
Apr 27 @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

View the capstone work of up-and-coming stars in the graphic design world: Lydia Jarvi, Elliot Hay, Chris Fornal, Lauren Vansickle, Derek Anderson, Melina Olivera, Marlon Marlborough.



Watkins College Film School Senior Presentations @ Watkins College Theatre
May 5 all-day

Join Watkins’s Film School as its seniors present their powerful capstone work.


Fragmentary Survey by Brady Haston @ Zeitgeist Gallery
May 6 – Jun 24 all-day

Nashville’s obscure landmarks, urban reference points, and geology have informed Brady Haston’s work and provide the abstract structure for the paintings featured in this show. These paintings are not restricted to chronology and are aware of many different times at once.  “My work began with a casual search for images and ideas by drawing on online resources and from brief impressions of the Dickerson Pike area where I live. As this work progressed, I had the good fortune to come across Paul Clements’ book Chronicles of the Cumberland, a collection of letters and first-hand accounts of the people who lived in the Nashville area during the tumultuous early years of the territory. As I read about the struggles and stories of these late-eighteenth-century inhabitants, a deeper understanding of Nashville allowed my work to be in influenced by older memories and the specific histories of the places I pass through on a daily basis.”

Several of the paintings in Fragmentary Survey incorporate drawings based on the local environment. Tree House and The New, Old Forest reference the large, hollow sycamore tree in which Bigfoot Spencer, one of Middle Tennessee’s first white settlers, lived one winter. Meander Corner is influenced by the stories of early surveyors imposing order and geometry over an untamed wilderness. There is a definite conceit when a contemporary abstract painting refers to the past. At best the work will engage the audience through an elaborate metaphor and create a conversation that expands their knowledge of this specific area while helping to orient the viewer in a local, ongoing history.


May at WAG – Patchbay @ Watkins Arcade Gallery
May 6 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Patchbay is a Nashville-based experimental art and new music program which commissions collaborations between visual artists and music composers. This installation is the collective effort of artists Chris Strachan and Kay Kennedy, and composer Matt Kinney.


HERE is a video and audio performance organized around the DIKW Pyramid, a hierarchical system of categorizing insight. The piece unfolds into four movements, one for each layer of the pyramid: data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. Each tier alters the performer’s interpretation of the world they perceive. As the world becomes more complex, so does language and individual experience. The performers drift farther and farther from objectivity until it disappears completely.

Interior Design Senior Show
May 19 all-day

Join Watkins’s interior design senior as they present their capstone work in the Currey Gallery.