Film Introduction

A Note from the Chair

The BFA and MFA programs of the Film School offer students a chance to learn about both the aesthetics and practices of filmmaking.  First, by exploring film as an art form, students learn to “see” the physical and metaphysical world, and then find ways to conceptualize and represent it.  Through the mastering of the basic techniques of writing, producing, shooting, directing and editing, students learn how to make narrative films.  The intention, ultimately, is to help students find their unique voices and learn how to tell the stories that move, captivate, and inspire them.

While we embrace the idea of film as an art, it is also a business, and students need to learn what makes for a successful film career and how to achieve the profitable exhibition of one’s work.  Time is spent understanding the various aspects of development, financing and promotion.

While the general paradigm for filmmaking is the narrative film, we aim to provide other opportunities for students.  It is possible to make documentaries, music videos and web series through independent study of specialized courses.

Exposure to the filmmaking community is an important part of the learning process and we bring visiting artists into the classroom as guests in person and through the internet whenever possible, thereby increasing the students’ exposure to working professionals.  Internships are also encouraged as a way to further enhance one’s skills and make contacts in the professional community.  A successful graduate of the Film School will know how to create films and how to find the audience for them.

The faculty and I have had, and continue to have,  the pleasure of being professional filmmakers, and now we look forward to helping you on your own journey.





Richard Gershman
Associate Professor and Chair
The Film School