Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts
Total credit hours: 120

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Core Studies Requirements 12
COR 101 Surface Space & Time 6
COR 102 Studio for Research and Practice 6
Fine Art Major 57
ART 165 Drawing II: Concepts and Techniques 3
ART 200 Portfolio Review 0
ART 201 Figure Study I 3
ART 221 Modern Art History (1800-1945) 3
ART 222x Art History Special Topic Series 3
ART 231 Sculpture I 3
ART 241 Painting I 3
ART 261 Printmaking I 3
ART 264 Time Based Media II 3
ART 321 Contemporary Art History 3
ART 371 Seminar I 3
ART 471 Seminar II 3
ART 490 Senior Thesis Exhibition 6
DIG 185 Digital Literacy 3
Various Critical Writing or Writing for the Humanities 3
Various Fine Arts Studio Electives (lecture or studio) 12
General Education Electives 9
Various General Electives 9
Visual Arts Electives 12
Various Visual Arts Electives 12

BFA in Fine Art
First Year
ART 101 Art History Survey I ART 102 Art History Survey II
COR 101 Surface Space & Time* COR 102 Studio for Research and Practice*
ENG 101 English Composition ENG 102 English Composition II
HIS 101 World Civ I HIS 102 World Civ II
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)
Second Year
ART 201 Figure Study I ART 165 Drawing II: Concepts and Techniques
ART 221 Modern Art History ART 200 Portfolio Review
ART 201 Printmaking or ART 264 Time Based Media II or PHO 121 Photography I ART 231 Sculpture I or ART 241 Painting I or ART 264 Time Based Media II or PHO 121 Photography I
DIG 185 Digital Literacy COM 220 Speech Communication
MAT 101 Math for Visual Arts SCI 3XX Natural Science Series
Social Science Requirement
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)
Third Year
ART 2XX Art History Special Topic AT 321 Contemporary Art History
ART 261 Printmaking I or ART 264 Time Based Media II or PHO 121 Photography I ART 371 Seminar I
General Education Elective #1 ART 231 Sculpture I or ART 241 Painting I or ART 261 Printmaking I or Time Based Media II
Visual Art Elective #1 ENG 300 Writing for the Humanities or PHO 482 Critical Writing
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)
Fourth Year
ART 471 Seminar II ART 490 Senior Thesis Exhibition*
General Education Elective #2 General Education Elective #3
Visual Art Elective #3 Visual Art Elective #6
Visual Art Elective #4 Visual Art Elective #7
Visual Art Elective #5
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)

* 6 credit hours


Facilities & Equipment

The Fine Arts Department consists of 10 studios, each specifically designed for the needs of our course curriculum and for safe and accessible student use.

Drawing I Studio
1152 square feet
Fully-adjustable art tables, spotlights, and an extensive still life prop collection

Drawing Studio

Drawing Studio

Drawing II/III Studio
1040 square feet
Fully-adjustable art tables, spotlights, drawing boards, prepared walls for large-scale work

2-D Design Studio
748 square feet
Tables, light table, color corrected lights, full projection system

Color Fundamentals Studio
748 square feet
Tables, drying racks, paper cutter, color corrected lights, light tables

Figure Studies Studio
1040 square feet
Easels, taborets, modeling stands, armatures, figurative props, spotlights

Painting Studio 

Printmaking Studio

Printmaking Studio

1360 square feet
Easels, taborets, spotlights
A very spacious studio with 14-foot ceilings, natural light, and individual stalls exclusively for painting students.

Printmaking Studio
1144 square feet
Etching press, lithography press, flat files, vacuum exposure table, etching tanks, drying racks, silk screen washing trough, paper soaking sink, plate washing sink, light tables, computer, scanner, printer, color corrected lights

This studio is one of only a few completely non-toxic college printmaking studios in the country.

Sculpture/3-D Design Studios:

Wood Shop/General Work Area
1200 square feet
Vacuum dust collection system, table saw, miter saw, drill press, two band saws, scroll saw, circular saw, router, jointer, bench vises, nail gun, belt sander, palm sanders, large selection of clamps, oscillating spindle sander, sanding center, sand blaster, reciprocating saw, hammer drill, cordless drills, jig saws, complete mechanics tool set, facilities for plaster, wax, plastic, and rubber mold making and casting, a complete assortment of hand tools for carving stone, plaster and wood, wax and clay tools, high volume exhaust fan



Welding/Metal Fabrication Shop 
1020 square feet 
Hydraulic horizontal bandsaw, drill press, chop saw, bench vises, bench grinder, large selection of clamps, sanding center, sheer, brake, oxyacetylene torch outfits, arc welders, mig welder, welding tables, cutting tables, die grinders, angle grinders, roto zip, high volume exhaust fan

Covered Outdoor Work Area
1500 square feet
Bronze, aluminum, and grey iron casting foundry, sand pit, resin bond mold making equipment, cement mixer, chain hoist, and rolling gantry

Clay Studio 
1280 square feet
Three electric kilns, electric test kiln, six electric wheels, large pugmill, small pugmill, extruder, wedging tables, canvas-working tables, extensive glaze lab

Kiln and Furnace Shed
600 square feet
Twenty-two cubic foot gas kiln, raku kiln, metal casting furnace

The Brownlee O. Currey, JR. Gallery
864 square feet
A beautiful and airy gallery space ideal for the exhibition of two and three dimensional artwork as well as multi-media including sound and video. Students are provided an opportunity to exhibit every year in our annual juried student exhibition and at the conclusion of the degree program with the senior thesis exhibition.

275 feet of running wall space
Our main corridors are maintained and properly lighted for the display of student artwork and special class projects.

“Installation Nodes”
At each end of the corridors we have two 156-square-foot project spaces that students reserve for multimedia and installation artworks.

Library Resources
The Watkins library features an extensive collection of books on art, artists, and art theory. An amazing resource for students researching both historical and contemporary art movements, the collection is augmented by subscriptions to many of the finest art periodicals available. The library maintains subscriptions to publications from the U.S., England, Italy, and Switzerland, including: Afterimage, Art Calendar, Art in America, Art Journal, Art Papers, Art Forum, Ceramics Monthly, Flash Art, Frieze, Modern Painters, Parkett, Printmaking Today, and Sculpture. The slide library has more than 32,000 slides spanning the entire history of art. Additionally, the library maintains a collection of fine art videos, including documentaries, instructional videos, and video art work.

Via the internet computers located in the library students have access to our subscription to the Grove Online Dictionary of Art, the most comprehensive art database available which includes links to more than 130,000 images and more than 40,000 articles on the visual arts.

The Fine Art program does not require internships but strongly encourages them. Many opportunities are available and we encourage students to take advantage of them. The following is a partial list of companies that support our program: