Interior Design

Interior Design Introduction

A Note from the Chair

The Interior Design curriculum is dedicated to the preparation of the student toward a successful, professional career. At the basis of the program of study is the idea that the successful design of an interior space improves human welfare, and that the interior design professional assumes a vital role in ensuring that interior environments are aesthetically pleasing, healthy, safe, and developed through the use of environmentally conscientious materials and methods. The curriculum is balanced between comprehensive coursework and interior design studios with an emphasis on a pathway toward new paradigms. Studies come to life through the involvement of a dedicated faculty of highly qualified interior designers and architects. Key to the success of the interior design student is the interaction among the student, faculty, interior design alumni, and local practitioners of architecture and design who come into the classroom to participate in guidance and critiques. Through a variety of scenarios, students are taught to understand the process toward a successful design outcome. Each level of the student’s education builds toward the nexus of knowledge and skills required in current avenues of professional practice.






Cheryl Gulley
Professor and Chair
Interior Design Department