Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design
Total credit hours: 120

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Visual Arts Core Requirements 12
ART 161 2-D Design/Color Fundamentals 3
ART 162 Drawing I 3
ART 163 3-D Design 3
ART 164 4-D Design (Time Based Media) 3
Visual Arts Elective (Choose One) 3
IND 313 Digital Design III 3
IND 322 Global Sustainability 3
IND 323 Built Environment: Sustainable Building Systems 3
ART 165 Drawing I 3
ART 251 Clay I 3
ART 261 Printmaking I 3
GRD 121 Typography I 3
GRD 321 Illustration I 3
PHO 121 Photography I 3

*Students choosing the Sustainable Design Concentration are required to choose either IND 322 Global Sustainability or IND 323 Built Environment: Sustainable Building Systems to fulfill the Visual Arts Elective credit.

General Education Elective 3
Various General Education Electives 3

**Students choosing the Sustainable Design Concentration are required to select IND 316 The Ecology of Design to fulfill the General Education Elective credit.

BFA in Interior Design
First Year
ART 162 Drawing I ART 163 3-D Design
COM 220 Fund of Speech Com ENG 102 English Composition II
ENG 101 English Composition I IND 102 Space Planning & Human Factors
IND 101 Design Fundamentals IND 113 Building Construction
IND 111 Architectural Drawing IND 150 Freshman Portfolio Review
IND 205 Textiles & Furnishings
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)
Second Year
MAT 101 Mathematics for Visual Arts ART 102 Art History Survey II
IND 203 Interior Materials ART 164 4-D Design
IND 303 Presentation Techniques IND 210 Residential Design
IND 304 Lighting I IND 312 Digital Design II
IND 311 Digital Design I IND 404 Lighting II
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)
Third Year
Visual Arts Elective General Education Elective
ANT 101 Anthropology IND 207 History of Arch & Design II
IND 204 Codes & Regulations IND 305 20th Century Design
IND 206 History of Arch & Design I IND 307 Seminar in Design Theory
IND 310 Commercial Design IND 320 Advanced Commercial Design
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)
Fourth Year
HIS 101 History of World Civilization I HIS 102 History of World Civilization II
IND 402 Professional Practices SCI 310 History of Scientific Thought
IND 403 Advanced Materials IND 315 Sustainable Design
IND 406 Portfolio Design IND 405 Internship I
IND 410 Senior Thesis I IND 420 Senior Thesis II
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)

Although this Plan of Study describes a 4-year completion schedule, full-time students who work while attending the institution, or who for various reasons cannot manage a 15-credit-hour per semester workload may alternatively plan to complete the degree program in 4-1/2 or 5 years. A majority of Watkins students have historically made the decision to complete their Plan of Study in 5 years. Since Watkins charges tuition by the credit hour rather than by the semester, the total cost of tuition remains the same regardless of whether the students completes the BFA in 4, 4-1/2, or 5 years

Visual Arts Core or General Education courses and some Film elective courses may be taken over the summer.

interior design header

The Interior Design department includes studio classrooms, lecture rooms, and a materials resource center specifically planned to support the curricular demands of the BFA degree in Interior Design.

interior design facilitiesStudio classrooms provide individual work stations for board drafting, drawing of schematic plans, and sketching. Each work station is equipped with a parallel bar, board cover, and adjustable drafting stool.

Projection systems and integrated lighting with dimming controls allow for easy viewing of PowerPoint presentations and high-definition DVDs within classroom settings.

Lecture rooms are used for weekly courses and also serve for mid-point and final project presentations.

Projection systems and integrated lighting are found in these rooms

The materials resource room is dedicated to providing the interior design students with manufacturer catalogs, textiles, flooring materials, wall covering and paint samples, as well as a variety of specialty materials, for use in projects spanning throughout the interior design curriculum. Multiple work areas are provided in the resource room for the viewing of materials and the assembly of presentation boards.

Drafting Rooms

Drafting Rooms

Located in close proximity to the Interior Design department is the new Print Center, which houses state-of-the-art printers, scanners, and plotters for the use of students and faculty college-wide, allowing for production of letter to banner-size print projects. A large work table is provided in the Print Center for convenient layout and trimming of documents and images.

All Interior Design majors are required to have a laptop computer for use in all classes.  PC laptops are required rather than Macs because they best suit the department’s requirements.  Should you purchase a Mac, the Information Technology Department may be unable to assist you.

The computer must meet or exceed the following specifications:

Intel Core 13/15/17 Dual or Quad Core CPU
4GB RAM or more
Discrete Graphics Care (ATl, AMD or Nvidia, NOT Intel) with 256 MB of memory
250 GB Hard Drive
Integrated web com
15 inch or larger display
Windows 7 (64 bit)
DVD burner and related software

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