Interior Design

Sustainable Design Concentration

Complementing the College’s present Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, the Sustainable Design concentration provides an opportunity for students to acquire additional skill development and project exploration in work that meets human needs without compromising the environment, such as creating designs that use non-toxic or recycled materials in building materials and fabrics.

Students who elect to participate in the Sustainable Design Concentration will complete the existing interior design courses relating to sustainable design, as well as choose from a series of upper division classes that focus sustainability.

These classes included:

IND315   Sustainable Design

Students will gain an understanding of sustainable design principles as a means of promoting health and well-being through environmentally-conscious methods. Projects will vary to engage students in residential and commercial applications of sustainability using green guidelines including biomimicry, Cradle-to-Cradle principles and LEED certification.

IND316   The Ecology of Design

Instruction incorporates an overview and analysis of the latest green philosophies, systems, and building products and provides an extensive compilation of current green literature and resources. Guest lecturers and field experience are featured.

IND322   Global Sustainability

Sustainable efforts around the globe provide the student with an awareness of the diverse options available in building construction, mechanicals, energy sources, and materials.  This course examines various building systems that have historically been integrated into the design and the construction process. Students study both indigenous structures and current case studies of buildings.

IND323   Built Environment:  Sustainable Building Systems

This course within the Sustainable Design concentration promotes a healthy, more energy efficient way to build which reduces negative environmental impacts and slows the depletion of natural resources. Students study sustainable approaches to materials, construction, site design, building design, and the generation of energy.  Students learn and apply skills vital to the renovation and re-use of existing buildings. Students are equipped with the knowledge to design and/or construct buildings that make positive contributions to their communities.

IND403   Advanced Materials & Detailing

This course provides an advanced examination of materials used for interiors and furnishings, as well as the coordination of interior details and construction of custom designed elements. Student designed interior features such as millwork, furnishings and lighting will be featured with an emphasis on environmentally-friendly materials.