Frequently Asked Questions

Student Life

How much is on-campus housing?

For 2017-18, housing is $3,300 a semester; $6,600 for the academic year. If a student elects to attend Maymester, it is an additional $400. If a student stays on-campus for the entire summer, including Maymester, the cost is $1,200.

Is there a meal plan?

Watkins does not offer a meal plan, but does have a café available during class times. Restaurants are also located conveniently within walking distance of Watkins’ campus. Also, our on-campus apartments have a full kitchen.

Is health insurance available?

Watkins can provide contact information for students seeking health insurance coverage. Watkins has information from The Sentry Student Security Plan. Students should contact the Director of Student Life for a brochure or for additional information. Email [email protected].

Is professional counseling available?

The Student Assistance Program is a professional counseling service offered through Family and Children’s services designed to help students identify problems and seek solutions. The SAP is a pre-paid service to Watkins students and their immediate families-providing three face-to-face sessions at no cost.

What if I have a disability?

Students who have been diagnosed may be entitled to reasonable accommodations by the instructor. Students should contact the Office of Student Life to make their disability known and develop a plan of action for the semester.


How many students are currently enrolled?

Approximately 400 students attend the college each semester

How many students apply… how many are accepted… how many start each year?

Each year we receive about 350 applications. Of those, about 60% are accepted and about 80% of those enroll.

What measures have been taken to ensure campus safety?

Every effort is made to keep our campus safe and secure. We provide 24 hour security, both with security personnel and an extensive camera system through the main academic building and outside of student housing. We are happy to say that, to date, the surrounding community has a very low crime rate and even minor incidences on campus extremely rare.  In compliance with the Clery Act, Watkins posts its Campus Crime and Security Report each year on our website at

How hard is it to change majors?

If you choose to change majors after enrolling, you can do so by applying internally to the new program (forms available through the Registrar’s Office), presenting your portfolio to the faculty of that program and receiving permission from the program’s chair.

Will credits earned at a community college or another school transfer to Watkins?

We accept credits earned at previous institutions. However, each BFA program has very specific curriculum and all of your previous credits may not apply to that new program. You will receive an accounting of the number of credits accepted and your advisor will tell you where you stand in the program.

Do you offer dual-enrollment for high school students?

We offer dual enrollment for high school seniors in good standing into several foundation classes, general education entry level classes and art history. Duel-enrollment students enter as special-status credit students.  For more information on how to apply, contact the Admissions Office.

Do I have to be enrolled full-time?

Students can enroll part-time or full-time. To finish the degree programs within four years requires that student take 30 credit hours a year, however some students, because of life or work commitments, do attend part-time and take longer to finish.

Are there job opportunities on campus?

Institutional and federal work study opportunities are available through many departments at Watkins. Apply through the office of Financial Aid.

The Student Body

Where do your students come from?

For the 2013-14 academic year, our students are from 25 different states and five foreign countries

What is the male/female student ratio?

Our current male/female student ratio is 46/54.

What is the student/teacher ratio?

Our student/teacher ratio in studio classes is 10:1 and 17:1 in liberal arts classes.

How many students are enrolled in each major?

For the 2013-12 academic year, 28% in Film, 16% in Fine Art; 20% in Graphic Design; 7% in Interior Design 13% in Photography; 8% in Art (BA).

What is the age of your student body?

In 2013-14, approximately 78% of our student body were 24 and younger; 17% were between 25-40; 5% are 41 and older.   Watkins makes no distinction in its employment, contracting, or admissions policies or procedures, including the awarding of scholarships or other forms of financial assistance, on the basis of age, sex, religion, race, color, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.

Is country music all Nashville has to offer?

Located along the Cumberland River, Nashville is a crossroads of American culture, and easily the fastest-growing part of the Upper South and the territory between Atlanta and Texas. Contrary to what many believe, Nashville offers its residents and visitors more than just a country music scene. Our city also has a thriving art scene that is very welcoming to new ideas and points of view. Recently, ranked Nashville as #7 on its list of the “10 Best Places for Artists in America.” This top 10 list includes Los Angeles (as #1), New York, and San Francisco.

Do your graduates find jobs?

Our Career Services Office assists students with career advice, internships, and student work experience. It is their goal to help guide students to pursue their professional ambitions on their own terms by providing resume workshops, grant writing training, and guest speakers who can help answer questions about working as a professional artist. Our extensive internship programs in all areas has helped many of our graduates leave the college with both work experience and job offers. For more information about the Career Services Office, click “here.”

Where do Watkins students live?

About a quarter of the student body live in on-campus housing. Many others share houses and apartments close by or live at home.

Where do I get my books and supplies?

Although Watkins does not have an on-campus store we do have relationships with local bookstores and art supplies stores which makes shopping for class needs very convenient. At the beginning of the semester, students can place book orders on-line with e-campus, an on-line bookstore, and the books are delivered to the college for pick-up.  If you choose to do so, you can sell most books back to e-campus at the end of each semester.  They even offer some books for rent.  Some students choose to order their books through sites such as Amazon.