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Handmade And Bound - Watkins College of Art

Our teacher programs provide professional development opportunities for K-12 art educators to engage in hands-on artmaking activities and develop strategies for incorporating thematic and contemporary ideas, projects, and techniques into curricula. These programs are a chance for educators to rejuvenate their creative juices in a community of peers while developing new skills for themselves and ideas for the classroom.

Upcoming Programs:


Hands at Work : Photography Professional Development Workshop

Teaching Artist: Sam Angel
Friday, October 6, 9am-4pm
Location: Cheekwood in the morning, Watkins in the afternoon
Free with lunch included
Watkins College of Art and Cheekwood Estate and Gardens co-host this one day teacher workshop inspired by Hands at Work, an exhibition offering ‘a heartfelt insight into the enduring satisfaction of work that relies on the tactile experience of using one’s hands.’

Spend the first half of the day at Cheekwood touring the exhibition and creating cyanotypes; then, finish the day at Watkins, photographing on paper negatives and exploring a modern twist on tintypes. This workshop is perfect for teachers interested in incorporating an alternative approach to historic photographic processes into the classroom.

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Embroidery 101

Teaching Artist: Anna McKeown
Friday, October 27th, 9am-4pm
Location: Watkins
Free with lunch included
Embroidery and other traditional, decorative fiber arts are finding their way to mainstream fashion, into art galleries, and now into your classroom! During this workshop, teachers will learn a brief history of embroidery, basic embroidery skills, and how to adapt these skills to a classroom setting for children of all ages.

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SES Through Recycled Self-Portraits

Teaching Artist: Dee Kimbrell
Friday, November 3rd, 9am-4pm
Location: Watkins
Free with lunch included
Social Emotional Skills are said to be the most important skill for student’s future success. Teachers will experience how to connect this artistic activity to teach social emotional skills for students of various ages and ability ranges in a way that is economical and non-intimidating. Teachers will leave with a flexible lesson plan that can apply to various age groups and subject matters.

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Large Scale Embroidery

Teaching Artist: Anna McKeown
Friday, November 17th, 9am-4pm
Location: Watkins
Free with lunch included
Embroidery isn’t just for small, personal projects, it can also be for large-scale projects created by multiple artists! This workshop will introduce basic embroidery techniques that can translate to large-scale classroom projects for children of all ages. Teachers will create a collaborative embroidery piece using yarn and burlap will also learn how to create large-scale embroidery pieces using yarn, fabric scraps, and unconventional mediums like chain link fences and pegboards.

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Suminagashi Paper Marbling & Book Binding

Teaching Artist: Katie Gonzalez
Friday, March 9th, 9am-4pm
Location: Watkins
Free with lunch included
Create a hand-bound book from papers decorated using the meditative method of suminagashi marbling. Dating back some 800 years, this Japanese technique floats ink pigments atop a liquid bath. With gentle manipulations — such as blowing across the surface of the water — and a good deal of spontaneity, patterns form and are transferred to paper. In this one-day workshop, you’ll leave with inspiration for your own art, and tons of ideas for classroom projects and adaptations for students.

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Woven Collage

Teaching Artist: Anna McKeown
Friday, April 13th, 9am-4pm
Location: Watkins
Free with lunch included
Memory, storytelling, and collage are woven together in this teacher workshop designed to break down barriers between artistic mediums. Teachers will experiment with collage, weaving, embroidery and hand-written essays to create woven collages inspired by writing prompts. Teachers are welcome to bring collage materials they are interested in using, including photographs and other paper ephemera that may be scanned and printed during the workshop.

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What Teachers are Saying About Us:

“Thank you for all that you have provided!  I love these opportunities at Watkins.  I always feel so welcomed and warm, and the programs are always really wonderful.”
“Interactive, fun, thought-provoking!”
“Very applicable to my classroom and school.  Very inspirational!”
“Love this program!  Very well done — cannot wait to attend again.”

Kid's Camp



Watkins Community Education wants you to join us as a Summer Programs Intern! We are looking for highly motivated high-school and college students who:

  • Love making art
  • Have experience working with kids (babysitting, helping younger siblings, previous work or volunteer experience, etc.)
  • Are responsible, personable, positive, and proactive.
  • Want to gain work experience for their college resume.
  • Want to get the most out of their summer by assisting our professional teaching artists in providing a creative camp experience for kids ages 5-13.

This is a competitive, unpaid internship, where participants will gain valuable work experience for their resume and possibly even letters of recommendation for college!

Summer Camp Application Deadline: May 1, 2017

To Apply: Application for summer 2017 is now closed. Applications for next summer will open up January 1, 2018.



Each year talented and motivated local youth apply for scholarships to cover the costs of our camps. Limited scholarship funds prevent many students from attending our programs. Please consider helping by becoming a sponsor or community partner.

Download our 2016 Sponsorship Packet for more information on how you can help a creative child today!