Student Life

The Student Life offices and staff work to identify and provide learning opportunities designed to enhance the student’s experience at Watkins in an effort to create an environment of inclusion, safety, involvement and community.

The Office manages the following:  academic support, career services, disability services, counseling, housing, international student advisement, orientation, recreation, student retention, and student health and wellness.

In addition, the Office of Student Life is responsible for student activities, student government, and student organization development. The Office assists and presents activities for the student population, including tournaments, educational programming and performances. For further information contact the Office of Student Life at [email protected] or by calling 615-383-4848.


The Watkins Student Government Association (SGA) meets every other week throughout the school year and provides an opportunity for students to voice opinions, make recommendations to the administration, and receive information about student opportunities and issues of interest.


Current Officers:

Ashley Obel – President and Fine Art representative
Renee Johnson – Vice President and Interior Design representative
Lexi Livingston – Secretary and Interior Design representative
Carolina De Alba – Treasurer and Graphic Design representative
Johnathan Tyler – Graphic Design representative
For more information contact [email protected].


Company H is a collective of artists from various disciplines of the visual arts providing opportunities for both students and professionals pursuing and/or working in the arts.

Past and future events:

  • Biannual student art shows (in summer and fall) which offer exhibition, curatorial and installation opportunities.
  • Guest speakers from a variety of fields, disciplines and practices
  • Film screenings: experimental, art house, avant garde,  progressive and beyond.
  • Student critiques and/or peer studio visits to initiate and facilitate critical discussion and collaboration.
  • OOMFF, a series of impromptu, collaborative and experimental events and happenings.

Attendance of meetings and events is open to anyone interested.  Meetings are announced via student-wide newsletter, Co. H newsletter and fliers around Watkins.  If you would like to shape and participate in the various events the group organizes or attend a meeting, contact us at [email protected].

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Tweet us at Company H on Twitter


The Film School Student Council exists to provide a progressive body of film representatives with the goal of improving the Film School at Watkins and its community through the dissemination of the student voice.

The council is dedicated to reaching out to the entire Watkins community.  It is our collective goal to mend the gap between the other departments and our own, and to encourage them to become involved in the Film School.  Film, by its very nature, is a collaborative medium, and therefore we intend to incorporate the talents of everyone who desires to be immersed in the wonderful world of filmmaking.

Contact us at [email protected]

Also check out the Watkins Film Club on Facebook.


Requirements for Student Organizations

  • Maintain a membership of at least seven degree-seeking students (BFA/BA).
  • Register annually with the Office of Student Life.
  • Maintain a student organization mailbox in the mailroom.
  • Adhere to the constitution and statement of purpose of the organization.
  • Exist within the confines of College guidelines.
  • All Members and Officers must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. (See also Membership eligibility).
  • Each organization is required to have at least one full-time Watkins faculty or staff advisor who will serve as liaison between the College and the group. A co-advisor may be selected who is not full-time (such as adjunct professors, alumni or chapter advisors). Expectations of Advisors include:
    • Maintaining contact with the organization and being familiar with its programs and members.
    • Building positive relationships with the group leaders and members.
    • Keeping the group focused on its goal and purpose.

Benefits for Student Organizations

  • May use resources available from the Office of Student Life.
  • Right to use the name of the College in connection with its activities.
  • Right to use College facilities.
  • Reasonable assistance and cooperation from College staff.
  • Right to advertise its events in designated posting areas around campus.
  • Having an information table for recruiting purposes at various times of the year.
  • Right to request funding for the organization.

For more information, contact the Director of Student Life at [email protected].

The Arctic Tusk is a student run literary journal that showcases the writing and visual talents of Watkins students, faculty, and staff. Journal staff members are responsible for soliciting work from the school community, selecting and editing pieces for publication, and distributing the journal on a annual basis. For more information, please contact [email protected].


Arctic Tusk