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Transfer Applicants

Application:  Apply online using the above link.

General application components:

  • Application information
  • Application fee of $50
  • At least one letter of reference completed by someone who can speak to your potential as a student at Watkins; up to three references may be submitted.  The reference may not be a friend or relative but should know you through school, work or in a professional capacity.
  • Portfolio (required for BFA applicants)
  • Essay: Statement of Intent

    The statement of intent should be seen as a written extension of your portfolio. This is an exercise demonstrating your written communication skills, critical thinking ability, as well as your personal views as an artist. This is a formal essay in which proper grammar and punctuation are expected. In approximately 500 words, describe who you are as an artist. This is a platform for you to discuss your interests, influences, goals, and answer the questions: why art school? And why Watkins?

  • Transcripts:  If you are transferring less than 12 college credits, you must have both your high school and college transcripts sent to Watkins.  If you are transferring 12 or  more credits, you only need to have your college transcripts submitted.  Pleased note:  If you have attended more than one college, we must receive transcripts from all colleges attended.
  • Standardized Test Scores:  You need to submit scores only if transferring less than 12 credits.
  • AP/IB scores:  Scores need to be submitted from the issuing organization in order to receive college credit.  Because many colleges evaluate these scores differently notation of AP/IB on your current or previous college transcripts is not accepted.  More information on Watkins’ AP/IB policy is available here.
  • Transfer portfolio:  students seeking to transfer art and/or design studio classes must submit 2-3 pieces of work from each college course taken to be evaluated for transfer, labeled with your name and the course number as it appears on your transcript.

Materials can be sent to:

Watkins College of Art, Design & Film
Attn:  Admissions
2298 Rosa L Parks Blvd.
Nashville, TN  37228

[email protected]

The Transfer Evaluation Process

Once an application is complete and accepted, the faculty chair of the program to which you are applying will evaluate any course work that will apply to the major and decide how the completed work will be transferred to the program requirements at Watkins.  Any general education classes will be evaluated by the Registrar.  Once both the chair and the Registrar have completed the evaluation, the accepted applicant will receive a letter from the Registrar detailing how many credits and what classes have been applied to the program.  The process usually takes approximately 3 weeks.  Only completed class work will be evaluated.  If a submitted transcript has class work “In Progress”, those classes will not be added to the evaluation until a final transcript showing completion is received.  Only classes in which the applicant has received a final grade of C or better will be considered for transfer.  Remedial and/or developmental classes do not transfer.

Transfer credit limits and residency requirements

The BFA and BA degree programs require that a minimum of 36 credit hours of course work must be completed at Watkins, including at least 18 hours completed in the major.  The last 24 credits of any degree must be completed at Watkins.

Transfer Credit for General Education Courses for Students with Previously Earned Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degrees 

A transfer student who has previously earned an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from an appropriately accredited college or university is considered to have satisfied the General Education requirements at Watkins in Composition, history of world civilizations, natural sciences, social sciences, speech communication, and mathematics for the undergraduate degrees. After a thorough analysis of the student’s transfer credits and of the requirements of the student’s choice of academic program, the Registrar will determine the additional General Education requirements and Core Studies requirements the student must complete at Watkins.


 Tennessee Transfer Pathways

Students transferring to Watkins on the Tennessee Transfer Pathways will have met all General Education Core Requirements, 9 hours of the Visual Arts Core Requirements, have two additional transferable Visual Arts Electives, and have 9 hours of transferable General Education Electives.

* Students who attend community colleges that do not offer ARTH 2010 and/or ARTH 2020 will complete these courses upon transfer to Watkins. These students will instead complete requirements in the Humanities/Fine Arts as prescribed at the community college where they are enrolled. In this case, the Humanities/Fine Arts classes will transfer to Watkins as electives. ART 1030 Art Appreciation does not transfer to Watkins and should not be taken at the community college to meet Humanities/Fine Arts requirements.